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From individual thought leaders to global pharma companies, we can elevate your brand. Our creative team will guide you through the production process, starting with scripting and ending with distribution to your target audience. All done in compliance with relevant guidances and approved by your regulatory processes.

An Overview of HABP/VABP

Merck & Co.

In this video reprint (V-Print), we worked with Merck to convert a scientific peer-reviewed publication into video format. The primary author of the study served as faculty/presenter of the content. Highlighted data from the study is presented dynamically in compliance with brand guidelines.

NeuroCritical Care Solutions
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NeuroCritical Care Solutions

NeuroCritical Care Solutions

Dr. Rupendra Swarup, one of the world's leading neurosurgeons, asked us to create a promotional video for his new company, NeuroCritical Care Solutions. NCCS advises physicians, hospitals, and institutions around the world on managing their most difficult and complex neurological cases. The video introduced Dr. Swarup, his expert services and processes, and a famous case example.

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